General Manager Biography

Mr. Saeed Al-Zahrani earned his first bachelor degree from King Saud University by the year 1993 in business administration major Marketing , by the year 1995 he conducted several postgraduate studies in the field of Economics from University of Colorado Boulder , later in the year 1997 he was able to acquire his MBA degree in International Marketing from University of Strathclyde Glasgow united kingdom , Mr. Saeed Al-Zahrani occupied several significant vacancies that was the basis of his career path development , starting with the Saudi Industrial Development Fund ( SIDF )  Mr. Saeed Boosted his career as a market analyst in the year 1993 which provided him with the proper and adequate exposure to the Saudi Market enabling him to define the Requirements & trends in the field of industrial development , in the year 1998 he joined SAMBA financial group to be among the pioneer team of industrial consultants shaping the future of industrial investments in the region , later on Mr. Saeed joined Almanar Arabian Corp. in the year 1999 as Deputy General Manager where he contributed significantly in the implementation of the company`s strategy for the following 6 years until he was officially assigned as the General Manager of Almanar Arabian Corp. by the board in the year 2006 and till now , Mr. Saeed Al-Zahrani managed to expand the business to cover several stream lines serving diversified sectors to reach a capacity of 3000 manpower & employee spread all over the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia working in different projects that serves various clients in both the public and private sector , Mr. Saeed was able through his successful strategy to manifest and realize the family`s vision to be one of the leading companies in the field of general contracting in the GCC and the MENA region marked and recognized in the market as one of the fast growing companies in the Kingdom , recently in 2015 Mr. Saeed Al-Zahrani has been delegated to be among ( Saudi Association for Contractors ) a body that has been formulated and established  to speed up construction projects in the kingdom stalled by bureaucracy and lack of coordination .